Sunday, December 21, 2008

Halle Berry's Pimp Throws Her Out

Looks like 2008's Sexiest Woman of the Year is not as desirable as she once used to be. With the growing trend of celebrity prostitution with the decline in the economy, Halle Berry, like many other A-Listers, turned to the streets to make some extra cash. Her attempt at whoring herself however, landed her on the corner. Witnesses watched as her pimp,Charles Whipper, literally threw her out of his limo onto 5th Avenue, and made this comment;

She just wasn't escort material. She makes fiddy, I get fourty-five. Thats how this business works. She had way to much pride and self respect to ever do good in this business. So I got rid of her. No big deal.

Hopefully Halle can find a less humiliating way to make enough money to buy some real clothes. These times may be tough, but there is no excuse for dressing like a homeless prostitute...oh wait. unless of course, you are one. Pathetic.