Saturday, January 3, 2009

Amy Winehouse's Indecent Public Behaviour

Amy Winehouse, apparently on Ecstasy, was caught masturbating on a public beach during her vacation in the Barbados. With her nipple exposed and her hand on her cooch, she was asked by a beach patrol person to change her behaviour or to face charges. When confronted, Winehouse allegedly claimed that she thought that masturbating and nudity was both legal and encouraged on the beaches. This is just proof of how much trouble Winehouse is in with her drug use. Someone needs to reach out to her and help her. fast.

Lindsay Lohan Warned to Brush Teeth, or Leave

Lezlo and girlfriend Samantha's relationship is on the rocks due to Lyndsey's lack of personal hygiene. Not only has she stopped showering as often as she used to, she has also refrained from brushing her teeth, despite urges from friends and family to pay more attention to her body odours. An insider comments;

Her and Samantha used to always be seen cuddling and making out in the clubs, but now with Lindseys dirty smelly habits, Samantha is thinking that she needs to give her girlfriend an ultimatium - wash up or walk out!

Thats almost as disgusting as those nasty red dots that cover her body. Someone should have given her a toothbrush for Christmas!!